Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ideal Home magazine, June 2012

More press! Stylist Sally Cullen has used the Alabasta Folk Stripe 38cm trays as part of a mood board for a very bold kitchen interior in this month's Ideal Home magazine. These ones come from online home accessories shop Berry Red, who stock the Folk Stripe trays made by Åry Trays in the 38cm, 49cm and the 11cm mini tray sizes.

Ideal Home magazine, June 2012
Ideal Home magazine, June 2012
Alabasta Folk Stripe trays made by Åry Trays. Photo: Asta Barrington

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Independent: The 50 Best Homewares

Imagine my surprise and delight on Saturday while idly leafing through the Independent newspaper and spotting my name and an Alabasta tray within an item about the '50 Best Homewares', edited by Kate Watson Smyth. All the items in the article can be bought online and Alabasta trays are this time being promoted by Coastal Home. It's a seaside inspired collection of coastal home interiors, home accessories and outdoor furniture and sells the Blue Fish trays in three sizes as well as the 11cm mini tray coasters.

Independent on Saturday Radar magazine, 5th May 2012

27 x 20cm Blue Fish Alabasta tray. Photo: Asta Barrington