Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Alabasta Black Flower tray in Metro newspaper

The monochromatic Black Flower pattern was one of the first Alabasta designs to be put into production by Åry Trays and it is still available in limited quantities as trays from two online boutiques: Design My World and MyDeco.com. It's a black linear design inspired by the orderly structure of pompom dahlias and there's no denying there is a retro feel to it. What isn't obvious from the following photos is a very pale grey mesh-like pattern on the ivory background which adds an extra element to the pattern, a bit like a watermark. It is available in two sizes - the 27x20cm small rectangular as shown in yesterday's Metro newspaper and the 38cm round version, though only while stocks last.

click the image for a more legible view

Alabasta Black Flower 27x20cm tray
Alabasta Black Flower 38cm tray

Design My World