Monday, 8 July 2013

Alabasta Blue Fish tray in Good Food magazine, August 2013

Amongst some delicious looking recipes in this month's BBC Good Food magazine is a summery collection of kitchen accessories including the largest Alabasta Blue Fish tray on page 16, collated by Holly Brooke-Smith. This time it's being promoted by Coastal Home, online destination for all things beach orientated, which also sells the Blue Fish tray in the 27x20cm and 43x33cm sizes plus 11cm mini tray. All are made carefully in Sweden from sustainable birch wood and dishwasher proof (if you can fit them in) with intricate blue fish patterns on an ivory background. The magazine is worth getting if you're into cooking as it is packed with inspiring ideas such as some Rick Stein Indian curries and an indulgent gluten free raspberry cake. My stomach is rumbling...

BBC Good Food magazine, August 2013
49cm Alabasta Blue Fish tray