Monday, 17 October 2011

Monochrome trays - get them while you can

38cm Flower tray. Photo: Asta Barrington
The new Folk Stripe trays may be getting all the glory at the moment but I thought I would draw attention to their quieter monochromatic cousins today as they are about to become extinct. The Flower trays and the Black Fish trays will only be available until stocks run out. Because there's a limit to how many designs a manufacturer will produce the Flowers have sadly had to move aside but may hopefully come back one day in a more colourful reincarnation. The bestselling Blue Fish is evidently more popular than the black version so that is discontinuing too. It's a ruthless world.

Design My World is a UK based online shop stocking interesting contemporary home products, founded in 2006 by Dean Hart and Venka De Rooij. At the moment they've got the Flower trays in the bestselling 38cm size (shown above) and a useful one-cup-and-a-piece-of-cake 27x20cm size, as well as the Fish trays and sandwich boards in black. 

If you like the graphic monochrome look of these trays don't hesitate to order them before they sell out... 

49cm Black Fish tray. Photo: Asta Barrington

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