Tuesday, 20 March 2012

101 Woonideeën magazine, March 2012

More international press has this time come from the Netherlands. 101 Woonideeën ('101 Living Ideas') is a colourful interiors magazine featuring youthful modern interiors and creative DIY projects. The March issue news page features the birch wood Alabasta trays with an image of the 38cm red Folk Stripe tray between two of the 11cm Folk Stripe coasters:

101 Woonideeën magazine March 2012

The article translates as:

"It's always spring…

Wow, these are really nice products to put your home made lemonade or other delicious things onto. These coasters really make you happy! The coasters are made of birch wood like all other products from Åry Trays in Sweden (arytrays.com).
Folk Stripes tray 38cm from € 32.00.
Folk Stripes coasters from € 24.00 (4 pcs)
For info send an e-mail to info@arytrays.com"

Thanks, 101 Woonideeën magazine!

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