Monday, 6 August 2012

Easyjet Traveller inflight magazine, August 2012

Sometimes Alabasta press crops up when I'm least expecting it. Late last night I was settling in to an Easyjet flight from Prague absent mindedly leafing through the inflight magazine whilst eating a soggy sandwich, and out jumped an image of the white Alabasta Folk Stripe tray. It's in a short destination guide to Stockholm and the fine things you can find there... although it would be a good excuse to visit, it's not necessary to get on a plane to buy the Swedish made trays as they are available online and in store at quite a few places now. See the sidebar on the right of this page or check the Ary Trays website for stockists.

click the image to view at a legible size

Easyjet Traveller inflight magazine, August 2012

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